“Before” picture showing power lines, mismatched roof shingles, and lopsided sign.

I began taking photography seriously while doing marketing for a solar company. My photos appeared in brochures, ads, and in articles published in trade magazines and newspapers.

Then I began selling photos of flowers, bridges, and nature scenes at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. What fun!

Most of my photos are improved with Photoshop, whether it’s enhancing the artistic appeal of a nature scene or removing power lines and other distractions (see the Before and After examples of solar systems below). I use my camera to capture the scene, and then I edit to add my own artistic interpretation of the subject.

I love photography, not only because of the delight I feel when a picture turns out great, but because it helps me see the world’s beauty like I never have before.

"After" picture of a photo that has been edited in Photoshop.
“After” photo with more vibrant colors and power lines, sign, and mismatched shingles removed.